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Need advice for CHM 130!

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Hey y'all, I'm currently taking CHM 130 at Rio Salado online. I have a midterm that I am going to take on Saturday and I'm like freaking out! I'm not a good test taker- especially ones that are multiple choice(I know, it's odd). Has anybody taken this course and have any advice for me? Do I need to memorize the formulas and conversions(weakest at)? I know I also have to write 3 essays as well. Any advice for what exactly I should study and such? Anything would help me out great! Thank you!


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I haven't taken CHM 130 at Rio (I tool it in person at CGCC), but I have taken other science course at RIO. In all science courses I have taken, the essays come straight from the lessons and homework. Like at the bottom of your lesson, their should be essay questions (you may have even had some of them assigned as homework). There will be about 15-20 total between all the lessons and the test will have 3-4 of them on it. Study those and you should be good for essays. As far as the exam, I took CHM 130 almost 4 years ago so I don't remember exactly what the questions were like, but I would say its a safe bet you will need to know how to solve chemical equations up to the point you have learned, know your periodic table well because questions will likely not use the full atomic name, and then study the bolded terms in the book. Also, I believe the course should have lesson objectives listed. Understand those objectives. GL

I hope I am not too late!! I am currently in CHM 130 through Rio but am 4 weeks ahead of you so I am preparing for the final. The midterm is not easy but don't panic, it is doable. Study the quizzes... I printed them out so they have the answers. Yes study the formulas for sure (mass, volume, Celsius to Fahrenheit, kelvins, and mol formula). As far as the essays these are from the AYL essays! So you have already answered the essays that will be on the test...study those responses you wrote out for the lessons that had AYL essays and you will be fine on that part of the test. Also, study the vocabulary terms from the chapters. The test took me about 2 hours and I took it at Rio's testing center. They provide scratch paper and a calculator if you need it. GOOD LUCK!! Just take your time :)

It has been a while since I took it, but yes... memorize the formulas, look over the quiz questions, and answer all of the essay questions, not just the ones assigned each week. Put in some quality study time and you will do fine.