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Hi, I am a graduate of a BSN program, going to take my NCLEX on June 10th, have experience as a CNA in many areas (ER, CCU, Peds, Med/Surg, Psych).

I have been unable to find a job ANYWHERE in the Northern IL/IN area as an RN, however, got an interview at a West Side Chicago hospital as a CNA.

My question is, should I take the position as a CNA in this hospital, in the hopes that I will have a better chance getting an RN position there, or should I continue waiting for a job to open up for an RN?

I know there are graduates from December '08 who still don't have jobs, and between the hiring freezes and the layoffs going on lately, I am getting pretty nervous...

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Have you thought about working in a LTC facility until you get a job in a hospital?. Most patients in LTC do need more extensive nursing care than in the past. You can use your assessment skills and you would be giving meds (ensuring you dont forget your pharm knowledge).

Working as a nurse in a LTC facility is probably better than working as a CNA at this point. Just something to think about.


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Thanks for responding! I was thinking about that but I would definitely leave there in less than 2 years and I heard it is bad to leave positions that early and it makes it harder to get re-hired to another job. What do you think?

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