University of Nebraska Nursing program

  1. Is there anyone on here that is currently in or accepted into the University of Nebraska's nursing program? I was just wondering if so can you give me any advice about doing what I can to ensure my acceptance in the Fall of 2012? I would appreciate any help at all. I'm very worried about not getting in as I've heard stories and I reeeaaalllyy want my BSN.
    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   Skips
    I talked to the admissions advisor, and she said the average GPA of accepted students is 3.4. She also stated that if you have more than one class of a given type (say, you have 2 humanities courses), they take the one with the higher grade. So, if you had Intro to Art History I and Intro to Art History II, got a B in I and an A in II, they'd take II to count toward your GPA. If that makes sense. They also have a 98% NCLEX pass rate, and they use ATI in their classes to help prepare students for boards. One thing to keep in mind is if you can attend a campus away from Omaha. There is a Lincoln campus, too, and that might faciliate you getting in. (: Hope this helps!
  4. by   EAST1981
    I am currently in the UNMC program. And actually, there are 5 campuses now, so if you're not picky about where you go that increases your odds considerably. The campuses are in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Kearney and Scottsbluff. Many people prefer Omaha or Lincoln, however, I will say that those areas are saturated with nursing schools and so there are fewer job opportunities for new grads. If you go to Scottsbluff, there are tons of positions available, and less competition for them. As for getting into the program, I don't think it was really that difficult. UNMC is the only school I applied to and I chose it because I got my previous 2 degrees from UNL so I knew everything would transfer. I definitely didn't have a 4.0 at the time, it was probably in the 3.5-3.6 range (not really sure). The best advice I can give you about nursing school is to keep work hours to less than 20 if at all possible. Seriously. UNMC is notorious for springing mandatory orientations and clinicals on you at the last minute or changing schedules with no notice. The more you work, the more difficult it will be to accomodate these last minute changes.
    Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun! The best part of nursing school has been all the awesome people I have met!
  5. by   bubblejet50
    Well this is kinda late i guess since you posted in April but I'm accepted into the RN-BSN program. My GPA from my school where I got my associate's from was a 2.7 but I think overall I was at a 3.1-3.2 GPA. I have been in school for 8 years so all those other classes helped me out.