Best nursing school in Nebraska?

  1. I'm currently a student at UNL and recently decided that I would like to become a nurse. I have been doing some research on the different nursing schools in Nebraska and would like to hear everyones opinions on which ones are the best!!
  2. Poll: Which is the best nursing school in Nebraska?

    • UNMC-Lincoln

      15.38% 2
    • UNMC-Omaha

      69.23% 9
    • Bryan

      0% 0
    • Creighton

      15.38% 2
    • Union

      0% 0
    • UNMC-Scottsbluff

      0% 0
    • UNMC-Kearney

      0% 0
    • UNMC-Norfolk

      0% 0
    13 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   windsurfer8
    You need to clarify what "best" means.
  5. by   NebraskaGirl
    Ok, here is some criteria...

    Which school(s) scores highest when looking at these categories.

    1. NCLEX pass rate
    2. Facilities, Technology, Resources
    3. Program competitiveness
    4. Reputation
    5. Student-faculty ratio
    6. Research Activity

    I should also note that I am looking at schools that award BSN degrees.

    I hope this makes things a little more clear.
  6. by   windsurfer8
    All but number 4 can be found on Google. What do you mean "reputation"? Reputation to who and in what context?

    I went to school in DC. There are many "great" schools in northern VA, Maryland, and DC. Never in my 10 years as an RN has anyone ever asked me where I went to nursing school. It was on my CV, but nothing more was mentioned of it.
    If the school is accredited then you are good to go. You have limited options in Nebraska and of all those 6 I think the most important is COST. Also are you planning to go to grad school? Then your GPA is what is most important. Unless you go to Hopkins or Yale where you get your BSN makes little difference. Georgetown or Univ. of Nebraska makes basically no difference. Both are accredited. For grad school a 3.8 GPA from UNL is "better" than a 3.0 GPA from Georgetown. That is just opinion. You may get others on here.
  7. by   NebraskaGirl
    Quote from windsurfer8
    All but number 4 can be found on Google. What do you mean "reputation"? Reputation to who and in what context?
    Reputation to the general public and to hospitals, clinics, and other agencies that hire nurses. What I'm really asking is which school is known for producing great nurses and which school, when hospitals, clinics, and such are hiring, looks the "best" to have on your resume!!

    Yes, I am planning on attending grad school, which is another reason why I would like to attend a competitive nursing school.

    Thanks for your opinion, it was definitely helpful and has helped to remind me that not everyone is as obsessed with going to the "best" school as I seem to be.
  8. by   WrekDiver88
    I voted for UNMC in Omaha. I actually went to Creighton, but thought it was a horrible program, and no way I would even consider CU if I had to do it over again! Talking to other nurses students/nurses I met around the Old Market or in clinicals, I heard nothing but good things about UNMC however.
  9. by   NebraskaGirl
    THANK YOU everyone for you comments and votes. I love all of the input.
  10. by   FutureCruzanRN
    Nebraska Methodist College. UNMC students did not get to see different specialties like I did in my nursing program.

    Amazing school. Very rigorous.