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2nd year, med. surg and psych...soo nervous


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heloo everyone! well, i finished my first year of nursing school and am about to head into my second. but this year, i am soooo nervous! i did pretty well my first year and i just dont know if i can do it again. i worked in the hospital this summer, so i thought i would feel completely comfortable for med surg, but i am not!!:uhoh3: i am reading the syllabus and starting my assigments and i feel scared to death that this year i just wont be able to measure up to my school's standards!? any advice from other students about making it through, about med. surg, or any thing else!...


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I am also in the HR area. Where are you going to school? I just graduated in May from TCC. If you are going there, I can probably give you some good pointers for your second year. Either way, I woud say that you will be fine as long as you study, get help when you need it, and study hard. Use this site for questions whan you have them.

Good luck!



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I'm in the same boat. 2nd year, starting in psych then moving to med/surg in October. I'm really looking forward to the psych rotation, but have no desire what-so-ever to do med/surg again. Its looming like this big, scary, black cloud on the horizen. :chair: I dont want to do it!

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