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2nd Bachelor In Nursing

by Otek Otek (New) New

So, I'm am currently a student in college as a statistic major and will be graduating in one year. I was just curious to know if you can get a second bachelor in nursing.

Let's say down the road in my life, I figure that statistics isn't really for me and want to do a career change in nursing.

Is it possible and best to get a 2ND bachelor in nursing? I was told that most hospitals now-a-days prefer a bachelor in nursing rather than a certificate in nursing. Also if I were to graduate as a statistic major could I still apply for a MSN?

*Side Note* If I do decided to do nursing I will most likely want to work as a RN, Or ER Nurse.

Thanks for you help!

Yes you can get a second degree in nursing and with your current major I'm guessing if you go the BSN route you'll be able to develop a lucrative little side-business as a tutor for all the nursing students who are fumbling there way through statistics!:uhoh3::up:

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You can get a 2nd degree in nursing. I worked in finance for 14 years and switched to nursing. Good thing with nursing is that entry isn't hard and many middle-age folks can do it. In many areas of the country, a BSN will give you a lot more opportunities when looking for jobs. However, I strongly recommend that you work several years using your statistics degree first. You might just enjoy it (school is very different from work).

Thank You and I appreciate your feedback, I have decided to stick with statistics.