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2nd attempt


Hi everyone!

Haven't posted for awhile but I visit the site especially this forum every night!☺️

Took my first try last April, ended with 110 questions and sadly I failed.Scheduled to sit for my second attempt on October 4.

I have been using Saunder's 6th ed(which I love!),Nclex Rn Mastery App (useful for on the go)Lippincott's 11th ed(for ff up questions after each chapter of Saunders) and Pda La Charity(haven't started it yet though)

I used Kaplan last time and it was indeed helpful.I assessed my weak points and It was content!I graduated way back and I think I got a bit over confident into thinking that I can tackle NCLEX just like that:banghead:

I wanna invest on Hurst and I wanna ask for your experience with them.Money is tight and I wanna do right this time,for myself and my little family's future.Thank you everyone in advance!:)