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NCTC LVN program for Aug 2009

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I have applied to the NCTC LVN program beginning Aug 2009. Has anyone else applied for this program?! I was curious to see if anyone has received any news about being accepted or wait listed. Originally in the information session back in Feb we were told that we would know if we were accepted by late March. Then I received my NET scores (which were good...I scored a 78, 94th percentile) late March and was told that class list decisions would be made late April. It's now the second week of May and NO WORD! Im stressing out...tired of waiting! I feel that my scores were good, Im not too sure what is a great score on the NET so I cant rest easy just yet. Also, I live in Illinois so it would take my letter a few extra days to make it through the mail to me, locals should know sooner. Please leave a reply if you have any insight! Thanks :)

ybstressed, LVN

Specializes in Home Health. Has 6 years experience.

Did you apply for the online class?

ybstressed, LVN

Specializes in Home Health. Has 6 years experience.

if you did...i would be patient...i'm in the first class starting the program and they are still getting it worked out. just to give you a heads up....be prepared to have no social life, study every minute of the day (literally, i study when i shower), and they drill you!!!!! they treat you like the rn class which i love. they are also starting an online lvn to rn so i hope i can bridge. just be prepared to have no life and to eat, breath, sleep, nursing.

No, I applied to the traditional LVN class. I got my acceptance letter yesterday!!!!!! What a relief :) Looking back on my first post; I sound so desperate lol. I was just so stressed; Im ready to get back into school. My husband is in the military and Ive had bad luck being in one spot long enough to apply, start, and finish something. Im moving to Texas in August and should be there for the rest of my life. Yay, finally.

Thanks for you help and good luck with your program. I hope they do start an online LVN to RN bridge program, that would be AMAZING.

So i was reading your post and did not understand, Did you have to take a math and reading test for the net or is it just one. Is that a combined score of 78?

Awsome... I also will be in the lvn Aug 2009 class at NCTC

what are the pre reqs?

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