NCTC LVN 2011 Fall


Hello, everyone,

I'm brand new to this website!!

Just want to say I'm so tire of this waiting period.

I thought, we were suppose to get acceptance letter sometime this month(April)

but I found out that it's gonna be first week of May...

OMG >ㅁ

I know I won't be able to accept right away but I'm trying to find out whether I'm in the waiting list or not.

So nervous :(


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What was your score? I'm also waiting.


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Hi jenniferkim1101,

I received an email from one of the instructors today stating the letters would be sent from the Gainesville campus SOON.

And the cut-off for Corinth was 91% on the HESI.

Knowing this, I'll probably be put on the waiting list. I also chose the Gainesville campus as my second choice.

Thanks for the reply. If that's really true, I probably gonna be rejected. I got 90.36% ㅠ.ㅜ OMG then I'm waiting and hoping for nothing>ㅁ

well last time I got a reply from Gainsville coordinator, she said the mail is gonna be send out 1st of May..

OMG I feel so terrible.


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Don't feel terrible. There are always people that get in and don't get all the other things done in time, and lose their spot. Stay possitive!!!

I was super excited to hear the cutoff though!!!

well I don't think 91% is the cut off for Corinth. Because I talked to Corinth Campus and found out that I'm in #6 on their waiting list. I was so happy to hear that even though I'm not accepted straightforward.. We should be getting letter from the school within a week.


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91% is the cut off for Corinth for the 40 or 44 who were accepted... Like JK305 said, "There are always people that get in and don't get all the other things done in time, and lose their spot."

I keep hearing most of the people on the waiting list actually get in.


I got a notice saying that I'm on waiting list

Well like the others have said, alot of people will not have their packets finished and that gives the waiting list ppl more of a chance. Good Luck!

I know for sure there are people who still do not have their immunizations finished and will lose their spots @ Corinth....good luck

Actually,, I got a phone call few weeks back and notified that I was accepted to the program. So I just turned in my LVN admission packages yesterday. I'm so excited and scared at same time >ㅁ