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Hi! I'm a BSN graduate (2007) from the philippines and I'm just about to take the nclex-rn this October. I'm currently enrolled in the Kaplan On-Demand Review Course and I really like Kaplan's review style and strategies. I think it was worth the investment for it has helped me recall a lot of things about nursing, expand my knowledge and master strategies for critical thinking. However, as my exam date draws near and my review with kaplan almost comes to an end, I'm beginning to wonder if Kaplan plus Saunders (I have the 5th ed with 4000+ questions) is enough as preparation for the NCLEX-RN. I feel like I'm still lacking some nursing content. I have already finished reading the Kaplan course book from cover to cover and it's just too much information that I think it's just impossible to memorize all the diseases, medications, etc. So far I have been scoring between the upper 50's and upper 60's on my qtrainers and qbank. I still have qt 5 & 6 and 600 questions left in my qbank. For those who took the kaplan review and ncsbn, which comes closer to the actual exam? Is the NCSBN review effective? Do you recommend that I supplement my current review with NCSBN? How will I benefit from it? Any suggestions and advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello there! I don't know if you have taken NCLEX yet but the NCSBN Review was awesome!! Coming from someone who just sat for and passed the NCLEX on October 18th 2011, I HIGHLY recommend the NCSBN Review. This is the only review that I used and I passed with 75 Questions:) Make sure to do ALL of the practice questions at the end of each section and do all of the tests at the end. The questions, I feel, were very similar to the questions on NCLEX. (not identical) I'm surprised that this review isn't talked about a lot. I only heard of it from reading posts on here. Good Luck on NCLEX if you haven't taken it yet and take care:)


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highly recomended ncsbn and content


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Only used Kaplan for my NCLEX review plus a lil bit of Saunders for the Alternate Type of Questions. Took my NCLEX on Sept. 27th for the first time and aced it in 75 questions :nurse: