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Has anyone taken the NCSBN review course on line @ i was thinking about taking it since this will be the 3rd time taking the nclex...It is $50 for the 3 week one...Just wondering if anyone found it useful.....Thanks..

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I did not take an online review, but did take a review course that was offered in my area. I find it helpful somewhat in reviewing things that were taught early in the program that you might have forgotton. Good luck on boards!!!

Hi Amanda44,

I did take the NCSBN course for 7 weeks. It is a very helpful, comprehensive course.

I'll tell you though, its difficult because you have to study on your own and be disciplined. If you can do this without a problem, then its an EXCELLENT site. They go over everything you will need to pass and even have some questions you do. I am a visual learner by nature, so it didn't work for me until after I took another course. And then with studying what I printed off from the NCSBN course, I understood it better.

It really depends on what you need right now. If you're looking for a good start though, you can't go wrong, or beat the price. It is a great review.

Good luck and let me know if I can help with any notes or anything.

God Bless,

JacelRN :p


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i tried this online review course and hopeful that it prepared me on my upcoming boards though I reviewed kaplan critical thinking strategies, saunders and mosby..I find kaplans questions the hardest while those at learningext not so tricky but straightforward..will keep you posted on what really helped me most..


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I took this course. I wasn't that impressed, it didn't help me pass the NCLEX. I think that the Kaplan online course is fantasic. It is very comprehensive, this was the course that helped me pass the NCLEX on my second attempt. The Kaplan course was very expensive, but it was worth every penny.

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