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NCSBN and Kaplan NCLEX

Hello All!

I am a Canadian graduate, I finished my program in April and my NCLEX is booked for June 23. I used the NCSBN program as my main study tool. I completed the very lengthy content portion of the program and JUST finished the question bank - my average for the question bank was 66%. I understand that their passing standard is 75%.. how did others compared to this score on the Qbanks? My scores are very hit and miss - anywhere from 40 to 90 depending on the bank.

Additionally, I purchased the kaplan Qbank for one month. My average so far on this is 55, but I'm nowhere near done. I am basically set for questions, but would like to take a "predictor exam" - do any programs sell this separately? Maybe I don't really need it - I'd just really like to know where I stand!!

I am also set to do a practice exam with Kaplan which is scheduled for a certain date and time (June 18).. It was free, just not sure what it entails.. Has anyone done something similar to this? Whats it like?

Hi! First of all, good luck on your NCLEX and in your studies!! I just took NCLEX Friday and heard word yesterday that i passed in 265! I used Kaplan to prepare for the exam. My best word of advice for you is that you do as many practice questions as you can, and make sure you look at rationales afterwards so you are learning from your mistakes. I took the question trainer 7 (which is 265 questions) 3 days before I sat for NCLEX, and that really helped prepare me. Best of luck to you! If you have anymore questions, let me know.

Thanks so much for your reply! I plan to finish the kaplan Qbank before I write, so between the two programs I should have about 3000 questions under my belt! Congrats on passing!! Hope I can say the same in a few weeks! :)


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