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Ok, maybe this is a really dumb question but here goes. How many of you have found the Class exams to be much harder than the NCLEX practice exams. (The CD's that come with your NCLEX books)

Last week I studied my notes, objectives and re-read all the material for a Renal test. Then on Sunday night, I went through the NCLEX CD and did really well, a 96%. I took the Renal test on Monday and one look at the first question and I was dumbfounded! Those questions on the exam were ten times harder than the NCLEX practice ones. Needless to say, I did pass the exam but I'm wondering who else has encountered this problem.

A lot of other students are saying that the nursing program is setting us up to fail and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it is true.

Any thoughts???


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I hear you. I'm in my 3rd semester (for assoc) and my professor literally told the entire class yesterday that we were all going to do very badly on the next exam. I'm amazed. It seems as if we are paying to be treated as if we were pledges at a sorority/fraternity. Daily I hear about how horrible I am going to be treated when I get my first job!! My professors pretty much stink and don't know how to teach - they are always late for the class. I'm hanging on because I know that once I graduate (and pass the boards) I know I can travel anywhere I want and find a place where people actually work together.

Hang in there - I think the best thing you could do is to not rely on NCLEX questions.. and maybe ask your professor about it...


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Oh they have been asked! Their reply is, "So that we will be able to pass our Boards". BS!!

I am in my third quarter second year. Luckily I have only three weeks this quarter and then one to go. I will be so glad when I am done and finished with their 'reasonings' as to why they make it so stressful. Yes, they have been told about the stress they put on us too. We have some wonderful instructors but then there are some who are just absoloutely looking for a reason to fail a student up to and including, "You can't do clinicals, you are pregnant"! Yep, actually had the nerve to tell one student that. As if "real" nurses never get pregnant..Oh boy....


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i know exactly what you are talking about. i can put hours and hours into studying, reading, NCLEX questions etc and still struggle with a test. i am currently in the "toughest" semester at my college and many people do feel that the instructor is out to fail people. the instructor has a reputation of being very difficult and many people will fail this class. the rumor is that around 50 out of 110-120 failed in the fall. i find the tests to be much tougher than the NCLEX cd that i study with. as tough as this class is, i am determined to pass the first time around. and if for some reason i don't, i will be back again to pass it the next time. i am not going to let one class get in the way of achieving my dream. :nurse:

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I do feel that there is a sense of "If you can pass this, then you can manage the NCLEX". But, the people who write the NCLEX are trained to do so. Our instructors aren't. -Andrea


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i think my profs try to model their test questions after nclex questions, which is great, except when the prof puts material on the test that we're supposed to be covering AFTER the test. we pointed it out to her and she was just kind if like, "oh well!" our school made some junky nclex review cd that has a lot of answers that are flat out wrong on it. i had to just throw it out and invest in lippencott's review for the nclex. i think it's going to help!


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I lOVE lippencott's!!

I have to say though, that the HESI isn't made up by the professors. It's a different company...

anyway - I guess that each and every one of us is going to have to start an organization so that future nursing students don't have to do this. I believe in the freedom to teach the way you want, but not at the expense of students learning! I am trying at my community college to inform new students as the best way around all the crap - but it is alot of work. Thanks gawd for this type of forum to allow some expression of frustration.


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I live in Ohio too!! Wonder if it's just those instructors in Ohio that make things so difficult! Maybe it's in the water?? lol

Frustrating, yes it is. And I am bound and determined to make it the first go round. As I said before, I have only until June and then I'm done! Don't think I could wait to come back and try it again. Besides, I'm getting too old for all of this stress which is definitely not good for your mental health nor you body! :rolleyes: Hmmmm, think I remember a lecture somewhere on that subject. Wonder why they can't practice what they teach.

I have Lippencott's, Mosby and Saudners NCLEX reviews. I especially like Saudners because you can customize the content of what you want to study. And as for the HESI, we have to take that at the end next quarter before we graduate. Luckily for me another student got a copy of it through an instructor at another school that she was friends with. Yep, we've been studying from that one too.

I know that we've been told the test questions are bank test questions from the books we use, but honestly, I don't buy it one bit. I agree though, someone needs to warn the 'new' students of what to expect.


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I took my boards last June and passed with 75 questions. Trust me when I say it was the most difficult test I have ever taken. I finished in one hour and was completely exhausted when I got to my car. The entire drive home, I debated question after question. Remember most nclex questions have more than one correct answer - you have to choose the best answer for the situation given.

I remember despising my instructors for the horrible tests and inadequate teaching they gave us. Am I grateful to them now? Definitely! They helped develop my critical thinking skills and pushed me to research and challenge questions. To this day, I continue to look up answers, find better solutions, challenge others in a professional manner - all for the benefit of my patients. So, in the end, it was all worth it.

Best wishes to all of you in nursing school. Soon it will be over and you will have accomplished your dreams. :)

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