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NCLEX - UWORLD Self Assessment.. feeling a bit down

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by BalochDae BalochDae (New) New Nurse

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Hi all!


Hope you are all staying safe.

So, I have been doing the Uworld NCLEX tests, and averaging around 60-75% on all the tests, with the results saying I'm in the 84th percentile... however, I took the self assessment test today, and I got 56%, with a 33rd percentile and Borderline passing... Needless to say, I was so upset, and now I'm panicking thinking that I am going to fail :(.

Has anyone else been in this situation? How accurate are these results? Should I just focus on how well I am doing on the regular tests on Uworld??


Any advice would be great! Thank you.

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juliet29 specializes in graduate Nurse.

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You just have to study very hard most people that think they did awful always pass the NCLEX. Always read the rationale and make sense out of it. Also try subscribe to ARCHER REVIEW IS LIKE UWORLD with less rationale 

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