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I only have 2 more days before my NCLEX test :crying2: . I've been studying with KAPLAN and been taking the tests on the cd. I'm just a nervous wreck right now. I can't stand to think about nursing stuff but I have to. I keep studying.. for four weeks straight i wake up recite lab values in my head and then eat breakfast, study for NCLEX from 9am to 8 pm then go to bed recite lab values so i could engrave it in my head and sleep. that was a cyclical activity. but now nclex is nearing and i'm getting depressed about it. The scores that i've been getting from kaplan is from 59 - 74, aaaaaaaaahhh.. i need to rest :bluecry1: .. keep me in your prayers guys.. thanks


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BMT, I think you might be over doing it a bit! All day NCLEX review? I would pass out from exhaustion! Try to give yourself a break from all of this studying. Overstudying can be a very bad thing. Whatever you do, DO NOT study the day before or the day of NCLEX. Relax and let your brain rest! Keeping you in my thoughts and sending best wishes for NCLEX success!

Hello BMTgn,

I agree with Nekhismom, now is a good time to take a breather. Whatever you do now until tomorrow you will not improve your scores. You know everything you need to pass, now is the time to RELAX!

Today, go out and see a movie, nothing serious, take in the sunshine (if there is any, we finally got some here :coollook: ) or spend time with friends who can take your mind off it. It is just as important to go in there feeling cool and confident as it is to answer correctly.

I want to emphasize to you both because I know Nekhismom you're taking it next week, to breath when you feel anxious and take breaks! I cannot tell you how important that was to my passing. If you feel your heart in your throat you're way too excited, take a breather. Close your eyes, pray, do whatever calms you. I cannot emphasize this enough. And I'm getting the feeling BMTgn that you could use this!

We will be praying for your success tomorrow, you're gonna do great! Go in there and work hard. Start with the first question and say "I can do this! I have worked very hard and I know this answer" Start yourself on a winning streak and go the distance. And remember if it happens to go past 75, you're still passing!

God Bless you both, (and He will)

JacelRN :p


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Good Luck! You can do it. Like the others said take a break.


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I can relate to your study habits b/c i was the same way. Feeling anxiety and depressed right before the test is normal. You have put your all into this. RELAX as much as possible tomorrow. I agree with JacelRN go to a movie. All is going to be okay. We will be sending our positive thoughts and prayers.

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