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Hi all I am fairly new here and I am so excited and nervous about taking my test it is scheduled for the 01/10/2006 @ 9:30 am......I have been out of school since May 2005 and could not take my test due to some information that I had to send the board of nursing.......Any suggestions would be great I have read alot of post where people stated that there was alot of priority questions...do you mean priority like of the four patients which one would you see first priority.....any other things to focus on would be appreciated you can PM me if you have too.....I have been using the EXAM Cram NCLEX-PN which is pretty informative, Kaplan NCLEX PN 2006-2007 Edition which is cool cause it helps you tackle the question, Saunders Q & A Review someone took my book but I am using the CD, & Arco NCLEX-PN Certification Exams 2nd edition which is cool cause it goes through the basic body systems and diseases and gives you a quiz at the end of each chapter

I also wanted to say I am really touched at how supportive you guys are with one another I have been reading threads and could really feel the emotion in alot of them especially BigD when he was waiting on his results I wish I would have found this site sooner because I know that I have been driving everybody around me crazy dealing with all this for the first time in my life when I thought they were going to deny me I was even feeling a lil suicidal :crying2: (?) Then they called me and said to be expecting my ATT and I was like yeah :) but when I opened that envelope up and finally had it in black and white :rotfl: ....Now I have a whole new set of worries :uhoh3: but I am trying to study hard but I swear I am so nervous that I always feel like I have to puke by the time this is all over with I am sure that I will have an ulcer:imbar

Well thanks in advance for any advice or help that you can give



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I am a HUGE fan of the Kaplan book and http://www.ncsbn.org online review. I am not a big fan of Suander's at all, or Mosby for that matter. Don't over study , but have a good plan. I started with 20 questions a day and was up to 200 questions a day the month before the NCLEX date. Also, don't study a day or two before your exam. Give your mind a break and get a good nights sleep. LOL..I managed to get a whopping 4 hours sleep as I was so nervous before my test.

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I actually took the NCLEX-PN today and received a lot of priority questions. I received about 3 meds, no math, no new-format questions, and it seemed as if I got a little of everything else. The computer shut off after 85 questions and I am now left with an agonizing wait for the next few weeks.

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