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NCLEX Terminology is there information on this?


Good day nurses and soon to be nurses,

I am on my third try on the nclex. I have been researching why I failed this round with the exam. Something I noticed during my exhausting hours with this test was their terms. I am aware that the nclex is tricky, it seems to focus on the weak areas of your knowledge. Being a CAT I realized that the questions used twisted words, reconfirms, ablation further instructions, a nurse reconfirms as the nurse states, the nurse further needs instruction when the nurse states. There is much more than these terms but you get my idea. I need questions that use terms like this to help me think like the nclex. I have came across any review material that actually is similar to the exam. Sure I can make 100% on the review material but that is the companies way of putting their spin on the test not NCLEX's way.

So is there any hope out there, any directions to a program that can help? I have seen KAPLANS, Saunders, vipra, NCSBN, pearsons, and fuerer. Nothing is close to being able to explain how to truly understand the method.

It seems like you've seen too much material and over loaded your brain to feed your anxiety. I know that a great tip that helped me was I chose to stick to ONE book and one book only. If you over see too many references it'll feel overwhelming causing the day of your exam to feel like a shock wave of too much knowledge and not enough confidence.

You can only review so much