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Has anyone attended this?? Did it really help a lot? I dont want to spend 450 dollars and find out that it was a waste of time. ..they claim on their website that 95% of thier students have passed...any feedback would be great..

I've never heard of it. I was looking for other ways to study for the NCLEX-PN, didn't find any real helpful. I just stayed with the Saunders CD and it worked. I took my boards on 11/8/05 and found out yesterday that I passed.

The test honestly wasn't hard. It was just intense. I tell my classmates, you do have to use your brain (imagine that...hee hee :p ) 6 people from my class have taken the boards just using the Saunders CD, nothing else and we have all passed on the first try. We all have had only 85 questions, so this shows that it does prepare you.

I did the study first, then the tests, then the exams. You can made comprehensive exams by going to the exam part and click on all the boxes, you will get a variety of questions. Just keep doing that for a few weeks and you'll be set.

Remember, God didn't bring you this far for you not to suceed. Believe in HIM and yourself.

Good Luck!


I thought I was still in the LVN postings.

Sorry :imbar

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