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How long should I study for the NCLEX? I was a B student in class,but alot of stuff went in one ear and out the other. I feel I need to study for another two years just to pass!!! Any info? :confused:

You will actually be surprised at how much info you have really maintained I too felt the same as you but I shocked myself to know I was pulling info from my mind just keep your mind refreshed and maybe order some cd rom nclex questions and do about 25 questions a day and also too test yourself to find which area of study you are weak in and concentrate on that area a little more (for example my weak area is fluids and electroytes and endocrine disorders ugh!!!! ) so I really concentrated on those areas a little more but this is just one small suggestion I am quite sure other posters will give you some very good advice ...well good luck on your passing of your NCLEX!!!!! :)


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Thanks Exotic Nurse

i just don't know if postponing my test longer will make any difference at this point and maybe I should just take it!


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I have just taken NCLEX on Monday and am a nervous wreck waiting on can I tell if I passed? It stopped at 75 questions, is that good or not? How long does it take to get results? I have worn out the State Board phone number! any support will help.


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Hi there, I would try to look on my states board of health web site. My temporary new graduate number was listed before I got it in the mail and I hear its the same with the licenses.Good Luck!


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Of course I haven't received my results yet, but I say go ahead and take it. The longer you wait to take it the more anxiety it creates. Then, you still have to wait until you hear about the results. Oh yea, I took Burger's advice about the board of health's website, and unfortunately, NC's board of health just refers you to the NC board of nursing. I wish you lots of success

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