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I took the NCLEX-RN on 6/30/2014 and cked on PV for the good pop up which took a little anxiety away however with peer pressure from my nurse friends, classmates and family I still pd the $8 two days later to PV which showed I had passed. On the third day it showed officially RN status on Texas BON. The strategy I used was Hurst Review, Saunders MCLEX and Simple Nursing. Borrow whatever you can. I'm not promoting any of these but "Simple Nursing" was the only thing that helped me to actually understand nursing. It's all amateurs videos and can watch a lot of them on you tube but actually I prescribed for one month and after reviewing for three weeks intensively I took my boards. ATI test was good to see where I was with answering questions and for practice and I took 21 of the test in 4 days staggered according to what I was studying. There is absolutely nothing that can truly prepare you because my test was

s full of SATA (select all that apply). I hate those questions and I feel that

they should not make this so hard for nurses. I had everything on my 265 question test that took 5 hours with 5 restroom breaks. I was not sure I

answered any of the questions right except the 4 math question which

became harder each time and the abg questions, thx god for Simple Nursing. Lots of prioritization and infection control even though I thought I knew it I became confused and unsure because these are not easily

defined. I felt most prioritization was not cut and dry like stating acute/

chronic conditions to easily eliminate answers. Understand the material

and have faith and pray. After I didn't stop at 75 I became fustrated and

took break then 2 bathroom breaks after that I became upset by number

174 and began answering the next 3-4 questions out of fustration so I

had to deep breathe. After one more restroom break I finished the test

then had to answer the survey questions. They didn't tell me but your

time continues to clock down even when you break.I was exhausted for

two days. It's finally after 4 days I'm starting to feel rested and today I

looked at the boards to see if it's all real. I'm glad that chapter of my life

is over. For me it's believing and would having faith. My motto during nursing school is and preparing for test is "Failure is not an option." Good luck every one.