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hi someone please help a foreign graduate nurse now preparing for nclex rn. Is there by any chance i can work as a nurses aid or something which will help me to get used to the hospital environment? I hold a bachelors degree from India and i believe it will help me in my exams...Also i need to support myself.......

thanks in advance

Abey Philip......:confused:

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Working as a nursing assist. will not help you with the NCLEX. The NCLEX is based on the ideal situation and there is rarely an ideal situation while actually working in the real work. However, it will help once you pass the boards to have the healthcare experience. Find a good study guide and study using that not what you see while working. Good luck.

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First please know that the hospital will by no means help you with NCLEX. NCLEX is the nursing if it there was a perfect world. In the hospital, you'll be seeing how it's really done...and most of the time..not the NCLEX way. The best way to prepare for NCLEX is to do questions questions questions. HESI and Saunders are good. You said your a foreign nurse..if you have a legal right to work here..then you could apply to be a nursing assistant or nurse extern/intern at a hospital somewhere if you already completed your nursing fundamentals clinicals.

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