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I am a graduating RN student I wondered if anyone has any tips on the NCLEX exam. Things to study and how long to wait before taking the test. Thanks


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Hello kntryktg,

Congradulations!! I know that you have worked very hard to get to this point. I would like to welcome you to the world of nursing. Way to go!

As for the NCLEX don't stress about it. Purchase a review book or cards and work on them at your own pace. You know what works for you in the realm of studying. The real test is getting through nursing school. Go at your own pace and take the NCLEX when you feel ready. If you are the type to get things done and over with take a week or two, or if you like longer intervals wait a month or so. Most importantly take care of you take some time to say shew and go out and have a good time and celebrate your accomplishments! You deserve it.

Goodluck to you! Let us know how is goes.

P.S. the books come with great quizzes for the computer! :nurse:



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Can' t. tell you. I got may authorization to test letter. Called that day, asked for the first opening available for an appointment to test. Tested 2 days later. Had my license in my hand

Do what is right for you. If you don't feel ready then waite. Use the time to study your weak areas.


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I did what Agnus did. I took the first available testing time. I didn't want to stress out any longer than I had to. Between graduation and the test, I studied questions from an NCLEX computer program and written questions from a book. If I came across a practice question where I didn't know the illness, lab value, drug, etc. I looked it up and familiarized myself with it. It's been awhile, but one thing that I remember from the test was that they want you to choose the "best" answer. Out of 4 or 5 possible choices, all may be correct, but only one is the "best" answer. Therefore, make sure you read the question carefully, understand what the question is asking, and read ALL the answers before you choose. Don't study the night before, get a good nights sleep and eat well.

Best of luck to you and congratulations!



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Don't overthink the questions...just answer what they can go nuts if you read too much into'll do just fine!!! I passed first time at 42 years old. Good Luck!!


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They pretty much summed up what I am saying. When you feel you are ready go for it. You really can't study for it. You do not know what questions you are getting the only thing you can do is brush up on your weak areas. I received a lot of psych and peds. You may get the opposite. I know you will do fine. Good luck.

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