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NCLEX study plan

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Just found out I passed and I vowed I would return to allnurses.com to include my study plans and ins/outs of the NCLEX.

The NCLEX was much more broad than I thought it would be, so here are my two cents:

If you feel as though you retain information fairly well, then find a format that includes these:

1) Mosby cards

2) Lacharity delegation

3) Nclex 3500 - google it for free. It offers you a pretest and review option. The review option will give you answers right away, the pretest will only show you what you missed after the test. I did a little of both to get me in the mode for taking the nclex. Also try to do the alternate options and it will give you a lot of fill in the blanks, sata, and figures.

4) Kaplan study banks - http://sharmasmita.blogspot.com/2011/07/some-great-links-for-free-nclex.html

5) Learning Shark - http://www.learningshark.com/nursing/nursing homepage/nclex-rn_exam_cram_practice_questions.pdf

I took Hurst and I felt as though it honed in on the top topics on the NCLEX. If you feel as though you need a good review, then do hurst (preferably in class).

My personal routine -

1)day one off - 3 chp of saunders / 150 questions (kaplan bank/learning shark/or nclex 3500)

2)day two off - 3 chp saunders or hurst / 2 chps of Lacharity / 75 questions

3)day three off - rotate between day 1 /2

4)weekend day off - take a full test (75-150) / I would write down the rationales to ones i missed or ones i got right and didn't know. nclex 3500 is great for this option. I also reviewed my whole notebook of ones I got wrong on the weekend and highlighted the ones I was still unsure of.

Take your time through the NCLEX - I wrote down 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 on the white board and x out the ones that were wrong. Don't arrive more than 30 minutes early. Eat a bland breakfast - OJ and toast. Don't take anything but your keys, ATT, and drivers license - they made me take off my watch. Wear comfortable clothes.

And most of all pray and get your family and friends to pray!

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Oh and I took HESI for school and it was much harder/narrower than the NCLEX!

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