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Nclex RN tomorrow 12/15/12


Specializes in MED/SURG, ONCOLOGY, PEDIATRICS, ER. Has 17 years experience.

I have a lot of anxiety!!! I am having THE FAMOUS test tomorrow at 8am, any advice of how to be relax, i am so scare about the SATA's questions..:grumpy: any suggestions please???\

Thanks in advance!!!

Good luck on your exam tomorrow! Don't forget to breathe...and when you start feeling anxious, count to 10 and say a prayer or request a break if you need to. When I took exam last year, I just wanted it to be over with....and hurried through each question. Big mistake on my part.

Take the time to read and understand what the question is asking and most of all, have faith! All the best to you!:)

Good luck.Relax and pray.Stay calm and I'm sure you'll be alright .God bless you:)

Just calm down and take the test. Don't let your nerves take the best of your judgment.. Don't get all concerned about how many Qs you get or whatever.. answer each questions as if it were your last. Don't aim for 50% correct, aim for 100%. And if it helps, go to the locker.. take a breather.. sip of water.. clear your thoughts, and head back in.


Specializes in MED/SURG, ONCOLOGY, PEDIATRICS, ER. Has 17 years experience.

Thank you all for your advice it works good i was relaxed but sadly i did not passed, i did ckecked the pop up from PVT :sorry: it keep showing the CC page..It shut off at 75 q's though...thanks again.

I will need some advices of which study method is the best. I used Saunders and the NCSBN 5 weeks.

Thanks in advanced.

I am on my 3rd try, I have been researching all angles of this. Typically I just do not understand how I failed for the second time. But I believe there is a method that some do get right away. You like I think by memorizing. I can literly memorize a book in a weeks time. When I ultitize the questions regarding reviews they are no good to me. I know the answers which does not help. What you and I need is to understand the concepts of each category by knowing the key ideal to each subcategory Example, safety infection control; what is the first most important, what is second, third and least most important. If we wrap our minds on this with the understanding of the subject then we might have a better outcome. The nursing process is the success along with basic understanding of the topic.

I am investing in flash cards that use nursing processes and terms similar to that we see on the nclex. I have to speed up the time I read a question because this time I ran out of time and had to guess without reading the question. Hope I helped. Love to hear feed back on this. What did you feel you did wrong?