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I graduated nursing school in May 2011. I did a 9 month online Paramedic to RN bridge program. I have taken NCLEX RN 4 times now without success. Many of the times I took all 265 Questions. I have done Kaplan, twice, not benefical to me. I have had a private tutor for 3 of my tries, obviously not working. Now I am doing a plan that my friend who just passed boards and his friend whom just passed boards did. Saunders Comprehensive Review 5th Edition every single day for 3.5 weeks. Reading over different disease proccesses and doing questions at the end of each chapter. Also do Exam Cram book questions at the end of each chapter (only reading the chapters if I am weak in that certain area.) Then 2 weeks of 150-200 Saunders CD questions daily, then 2 weeks of ATI Questions. I have yet to schedule to scared to fail again; but I do feel better about it than I have before. Please give me some feedback. I am at a dead end job and tired of it and stuck at it until I pass my boards!!!

Thanks Izzy

I took the hurst review may 2012 I'll been out of school since dec 05 n I really have test anxiety but what I'm doing now is answering Qs so when I take it the next time I will be well prepared. I put God 1st n ask him to deliver me from this test anxiety. We can passed.

Don't give up to get your RN license, It was my 5th time when I finally passed. What I did is totally dedicated 3months reviewing Saunder's Comprehensive and Kaplan On Demand. Plus, prayers that helped me to calm my nerves throughout the examination! I will pray for you and remember never ever give up! :) Good luck!

good luck, I know you can do it!

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Hurst Review!! That is what I recomend

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