NCLEX RN Review in Tampa Florida offered through Hillsborough Community College


I wanted to inform everyone who so ever is interested in enrolling for NCLEX RN exam review course offered in Tampa,FL offered through Hillsborough Community College. It costs $300.00. Register online, choose a scheduled classSelect

03/31/09 - 04/30/09TCTC - Davis Island - 39 Columbia Drive, Tampa FL

Tues & Thur [6:00 PM - 10:00 PM]

Please select a class from the list above to enroll.

General Description:

This review course will help prepare American and International nursing candidates to successfully sit for the NCLEX RN exam. The curriculum includes a Diagnostic exam, subject matter guided reviewof exam strategies and a Readiness Exam.

I have heard that it has a pass rate of 98%.


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Thanks for posting, I checked with some local nurses, and the HCC NCLEX Course is taught by Tampa General nurses..and was originally designed for foreign nurses..Anyway...pass rate is really high, and course is for 9 days, rather than the usual rapid-fire 4 days..

Anyway...I am taking for the 3rd time..and registering for March session..before it fills up...

I am gonna pass this time...



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You know what..I work at Bay Front, and have flunked NCLEX 3 times myself...having done kaplan, Suzzan'e plan, etc., and didn't know where to turn. Some nurses I talked to at Bayfront told me HCC's program is one of the best!!

and $300 is cheaper than Kaplan's..and bit gentle-paced too...I'll see you two there! Hope they still have slots open in March (they have April too..)


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