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NCLEX-RN Q&A for Kindle Fire

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Dear AllNurses.com,

I am graduating in May and will be taking the NCLEX-RN in June. Can anyone recommend a study tool that meets my needs. I have an ideal study tool in mind, but I do not know if it exists. Thanks for any help you can provide and I hope this begins a healthy conversation about the emerging Kindle market for nursing NCLEX prep!

I have already tried and been disappointed with some tools. Here is what I want:

- lots of NCLEX-RN questions, with answers and rationale only. I do not need any content about nursing, or study skills for taking the test. I already have books for that. I just want lots of practice answering questions. :)

- access from my Kindle Fire, w/o accessing the Internet. I.e. the content must reside on my mobile device. This is so I can practice anywhere my Kindle can go.

- it would be nice if the answer for question X is hyperlinked to the answer and rationale for question X. The way this would work is like this: I see the question with the multiple choices. I make my choice, and then I click on a "Show Me the Answer" button that navigates me to the answer. Why? Because I do not want the answer visible while I think about my answer, and because if the answer is on some other page, how will I navigate to it and then navigate back to where the question was?

- an app would work nicely for this purpose rather than a Kindle Ebook, because an app could just be a program that tests me.

- I would like some assurance that the questions are reputable. I have brand name trust in Saunder's and Lippincott's because they are big names in the publishing world, but some apps I have seen, I don't know where the questions are coming from. Do the authors credentialed in the nursing field? Do they have experience?

Let me tell you what I have already tried and why it did not work for me: Lippincott's Q & A Review for NCLEX-RN by Diane M. Billings.

-It boasts 5800 questions with 1300 on a CD (obviously for the hard copy version--Kindle version does not come with a CD). But I counted only 1517 in the Kindle version. Even if the 5800 figure counts those on the CD, where are the other questions? Does the publisher care to respond?

-It also is hard to navigate between the question and the answer, which can be separated by many pages.

One thing that has made buying the appropriate resource hard is that what one reads in the hard copy version is often different than the Kindle version. In this instance the layouts are very different: the Kindle version has the Q separated from the A by many pages, while in the hard copy version, the Q and A are on or nearly on the same page.

Another thing that has made this hard is that the customer service people at Saunders (now talking about Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination by Linda Anne Silvestri) could only read back to me the description written in their online offerings. They told me that if I wanted more detailed questions answered I needed to send them email that they would in turn forward to the editor. I imagined this would take too long, so I did not do it.

Thanks for reading my post.


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