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NCLEX and RN nursing school.

What does select all that apply questions mean on Nclex or in a class room setting? Can select all that apply questions mean that there can only be one answer. Can some one answer this question and let me know where you found it. I took a course and found out for the first time that select all that apply questions can only have one answer . The instructions were given close to the middle /near the end of the test. I have done a lot of questions from nclex rn books and never come across a question that only has one answer. Just want some feedback.

Our instructors used those type of questions a lot on test during nursing school. We were taught that it could be any number of the possible choices given. Example - if there are 8 choices, it may be one correct answer, it may be all 8 are correct answers or it may be any number in between.

Hope that helps :)

We were told in the Hurst review that on the NCLEX, if there are 5 choices, then anywhere from 2-4 of them are right. It'll never be 1 on the NCLEX and if I remember right, there will always be at least one option that's wrong.

Hi heather

I went on the Nclex website and saw that select all that apply questions should have the minimum of two answers not one. I was surprise by what my instructors told me and they use nclex as evidence base. This was suppose to be my final year in nursing school. I won't go into detail because they are some let's just say unsympathetic persons on this forum. I was argueing this point however and they failed to hear me out. So, I started to feel that I was wrong . I just wanted to know what other people's view are.