NCLEX-RN on Nov. 1, 2016


On November 1, I started my NCLEX-RN around 8am and the computer screen went blue after number 75 and it took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes. At 9:45am, I received my email stating that I've completed the test. After seeing the email I quickly log on the Pearson Vue and tried to register, I went all the way to even inputting a credit card number with an available balance of about $50. I gave me a screen that said something like " our records indicated that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." With my panic I continuously clicked submit and log out and do it all over again; same thing over and over again.

Well November 2, after many logging in to my BON where I registered for the exam and Pearson Vue at 7:35am my BON site said "PASS" with my license number listed. My status is not listed for public look up as yet.

The PVT trick worked for me in 2012 when I took my LPN exam and it worked for me for my RN exam.

Good luck and blessings to all future testers and thank you to this site for holding my hands through my journey starting at LPN and taking me through my RN school.

BTW, I used Hurst lectures along with the fill in the blank book for the lectures. And I completed about 450 questions from UWorld.

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