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im an rn in the philippines and here in the US and want to take the nclex rn exam in CA.. the prob is my visa expired and now im out of status... I have a family petition but im still waiting for that... is there a way for me to take the exam here even if im out of status so I can get work and ssn? right now I only have a tin... my mom is still waiting on my petition too... thanks...

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If you are out of status and still in the US you are here illegally. If caught you can be banned from reentry to the US for years. If you do not have a valid work visa, you cannot work nor can you obtain a social security number. CABRN requires a valid social security number to apply for license by examination. TIN is not an acceptable substitute. You need to consult with an immigration attorney ASAP to sort out your status before you have issues larger than whether or not you are eligible for license by examination in CA. Members of allnurses can neither request nor offer legal advice per the terms of service of this site.

"What if I Decide to Stay Longer and am Out-of-Status with the Department of Homeland Security?

  • You should carefully consider the dates of your authorized stay and make sure you are following the procedures. Failure to do so will cause you to be out-of-status.
  • Staying beyond the period of time authorized, by the Department of Homeland Security, and out-of-status in the U.S., is a violation of U.S. immigration laws, and may cause you to be ineligible for a visa in the future for return travel to the U.S. If you overstay the end date of your authorized stay, as provided by the CBP officer at a port-of-entry, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), your visa will generally be automatically be voided or cancelled, as explained above.Select Classes of Aliens Ineligible to Receive Visas to learn more. " (What the Visa Expiration Date Means )

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They can not apply for AOS unless their date is current so a lot will depend when their file was filed


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kabayan Im just wondering even if they will allow you to take the exam,what documentation or ID that you will present at the testing site,for they need to see valid ID or passport?If you will present your passport arent they gonna see that your visa expired already?


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Thanks so much for all who replied... just wanted to ask... anyway we're already consulting with an immigration lawyer... I might just go back and wait there for my petition according to uscis its a year or two pending theres no more delays... i'm planning to just work back home might be a good idea to have more experience anyway... thanks anyway to everyone...