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NCLEX-RN exam 3rd try in 29 days; re: guidance, words of wisdom, UWorld

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Hello there.

I have graduated from a nursing program last year in Canada. I will be retaking the NCLEX-RN exam for my third time about 8 months later. My test is in less than 30 days and I really need some advice, guidance, words of encouragement. I am feeling numb about my last try.

I have prolonged taking this exam again as I possibly could. I have spent my days since my first and second tries figuring out what else in life I could possibly do and there's nothing else I want to do but be a nurse. Spent random days studying, but other days working, locking myself up in my room and crying. Avoiding nursing friends. Avoiding the topic.

Here's my story:

First time - took a Kaplan course, and studied content; did 60% of their questions and barely remediated. I found it too consuming and made me very anxious. I also felt a bit rushed because I had a job lined up and needed to pass the exam within a certain time period. Had a panic attack 2 days before. Only finished 150 questions in 6 hours.

Second time (9 months later) - read the Hogan book and invested in Uworld (only did 30%) and actually remediated it. I had less anxiety this time. I knew I bombed it after 80 questions because my last question, I got it wrong. I don't think I was well prepared content wise.

Third time - studying Uworld only. Only have ~700 questions left and testing in 29 days. It has been 8 months since my second try. I have been getting various percentages on Uworld. From 40's to 65's.

I am impassive about this third try. I do want to become a nurse and get my life going again. But I'm feeling a bit discouraged because:

- I feel that all my friends have nursing jobs, happy and living their lives

- I no longer want to be such a strain to my parents too

- you can only write it 3x in Canada

- Scared of what will happen if things take a left turn

Does anyone have any words of encouragement? Advice?

Anyone passed using Uworld and wasn't hitting high percentages?

I am quite close to feeling helpless and hopeless.


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