NCLEX Review Workshops!


I think I've discovered probably the BEST NCLEX review workshop out there. This is just day 2 of their 3 day workshop and I already feel so confident and prepared to tackle the dreaded NCLEX. Not only have provided me with concrete and VITAL (pardon the pun, haha!) nursing information, but they weave into their sessions test taking strategies and practical information that not only makes sense, but is building up my confidence to take this necessary exam.

I think that a HUGE part of the NCLEX is fighting the test anxiety. I know I have the requisite nursing knowledge and skills...its just the angst I feel about whether there will be 75 questions or >200! That's what I love the most about this. The instructors are so warm and encouraging throughout the workshops - and they make learning ALL of the information (which is basically all of nursing school wrapped into 3 days) fun and memorable!

I can't wait to start practicing as a real-life certified nurse, and I just feel so much better having taken this course.