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NCLEX Review suggestions

by NYnurse2b12 NYnurse2b12 (New) New

I have periodically browsed the forum and sought out help for my own well being (and others that this might apply to).

I have taken the NCLEX three times within the past year and a half. My last one was two days ago and I woke up to the lovely news that I failed. I failed with 75 questions my first two times (ouch!), and this past time I went to 135 questions. I was not positive I passed but I felt nauseous and cried (an experience I never had my first two go arounds).

I have consistently done Kaplan since May '14(in class review and online), NCBSNs review (thrice), Uworlds review (which I really liked. Looks exactly like NCLEX exam - WONDERFUL rationales - if i passed, I would've attributed my success to them), and the NCLEX-RN mastery.

I do not know what to do anymore. I have a job at a wonderful hospital in NY but my start date will now be pushed back another two months. I need a review that will help. I need suggestions. My study habits were long and focused. I was scoring around the 50s, but I cannot seem to get myself over the hump to pass.

I did not realize this would be so lengthy; but I have no one to turn to. No one in my family is a nurse and none of my friends are either. The pressures of this NCLEX and the doubt I feel when I fail is a feeling those close to me could not empathize with. I have kept all of my failures to myself and cannot contain myself any longer. My discouragement is tough. I know I am not a unique case and I hope this can help others along the way.

Please pass along any suggestions that can be helpful. I will continue my pattern, but I do not know what to change to become successful. I want to be an RN before the end of 2015.

Well at this point the only thing I can suggest is hurst or Saunders. I used hurst and UWorld for my first attempt and passed. My school forced us to use kaplAn but I felt it wasn't helpful Which is why I stopped using Kaplan. When using UWorld I suggest doing no more than 75 questions a day because the rationales are lengthy. Also study no more than 4/5 hours a day after a while you stop absorbing info.

I failed the first time using Kaplan. :-(

I passed the second time in 75 questions, combining NCBSN, hurst review & Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN.

I would read NCBSN, watch a hurst review video, and practice questions in lippincott book. :-)