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I just finished taking my review class from Kaplan today. I'm a little bummed because, although I was warned by some that it may not be all it's cracked up to be, I still had hopes. Honestly, I think I would have pretty much gotten just as much out of only practicing the online tests and from studying the book. Has anyone else taken one of these courses and felt that you weren't helped much by attending it? Just curious as to what others experiences have been with these. Thanks!!



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Hey shannon!!!

First of all GOOD LUCK on the boards!!!

Second of all, I took the KAPLAN review that you are going to take and it was exactly what it says......A REVIEW!!! If you studied all during school, the class will just go over everything that you have learned. I benefitted from it. (I passed it on the first shot!!!) The class discussions will bring up topics that you may not have reviewed as you have been studying on your own.

Finally, when you go to take the test, read some kind of joke to lighten your spirits. And also remember to BREATH!!!



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Hi Shannon, I'm sure you'll do well. First, the exam will just reinforce what you have learned. sometimes, we look for miracles, but passing school is a miracle in itself:mortarboard: ALL U NEED 2 DO IS CLAIM IT!


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I was also disappointed with first. In the end, I was extremely grateful to have

access to their review book and website. I did 99% of the content on Qbank and all of the Question trainers. I scored anywhere between 56 - 78% on the questions. I made sure to tailor my tests on Qbank to the categories that consistently gave me the hardest time.

The review book was the best. I read a little bit of it every night. I loved the section on medication classifications with the common side effects and nursing considerations. It was a refresher course on the millions of things we learned in nursing school. There were also some things in the book that our instructors skimmed over but were pretty prominent in the questions.

I took my test on Tuesday. I had 75 questions. I found out I passed yesterday. Make use of all of the resources Kaplan has to offer. After all, you did pay for them.

Good luck.

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