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is NCLEX recognized as CRNE?

obeshiRN obeshiRN (New) New

I really have this question in mind because I don't know what to take first. Is it CRNE or NCLEX?

If I passed the NCLEX and became a USRN, do I still need to take the CRNE or no need?

I want to know if I can work as RN in Canada if I'm a USRN?

thanks. I will really appreciate the answers to questions. These things bug my mind for some time now so I really need to be enlightened about this one. Thanks so much!

Nope, you must write the CRNE for the province you want to work in. CRNE is Canadian examination, NCLEX is US examination. Two totally different things.


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Although we share the same continent, Canada and US are two separate countries so no, your NCLEX is worthless here.

Which province are you thinking of working? You need to contact the provincial nursing regulatory body (sort of like your BON) to determine your eligibility requirements and apply for licensure.

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Your question has been asked and anwered a dozen times or more in the last year. Please read some of the threads in this forum (International) on the subject of working in Canada for all the information you could possibly need.

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