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NCLEX ran out of time, but I passed

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share my story with NCLEX-RN with you all. I had my test last Monday on Feb 16 2015. I ran out of time. I only did 249 questions. I went home confused and shocked. I said to myself that no way that I could pass. the next day i mentally prepared myself to retake it, I even did a new study plan. The following day after one of my friends who took the nclex with me came over my home and told me to check the quick result, I told him, no! because I would pass. then he log in onto my account and paid 7.99 and found out that I did pass:). I couldn't believe it.

It is possibile to pass even if you ran out of time!!

here what I did and that most likely helped me to pass. indeed i am very slow when taking exams because the English is my second language. after the half time of the exam, i realized that I wouldn't be able to finish the 265 questions on time. so, I remembered that if you run out of time, nclex people will look to the last 60 questions and if they are above the passing line, then it is pass. so I took my time answering the remaining questions instead of rushing to answers. so I am glad I made that quick decision.