nclex at 75 questions


i had my ny nclex-rn last dec 17, 2013 at 8am and i end up to 75 questions. my exam was so strenuous but i held my hope and Faith from God. basically i spent 2 hrs to answer all that questions because that's what i want to have 75 question only but unfortunately my exam is so strenuous. to check your results try pearson due trick to know if you pass or not. its proven!!! i did that way 3x first 6hrs after my exam. in the first place i didn't believe it, until i got the unofficial results from pearson vue after 48hrs and i found the word PASS! my advice to those will take the nclex rn exam, if you really want to get 75questions only, try this, base on my experience spend your time at least 1:30hr to 2hrs. that time is more than enough to analyze and do the critical thinking for 75 questions. i believe you have the all the knowledge and skill after you review the nclex rn, so try what i said. decision tree from KAPLAN is my key to success.


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I just graduated and I am planning on taking my exam soon. I have a quick few questions!

Can you go alittle more in depth about the NCLEX?...How did you study? Did you use HURST review? Was it more Medsurg questions?..etc.

I am super nervous because I want to pass the first time & at 75 questions...but its so much info so idk how to study. Are the questions more core content?