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I received my BSN in 8/98. Unfortunately, due to three ruptured disks, I haven't been able to sit long enough to complete the boards until now. Does anyone have any advice on what kind of reviewing I need to do? I wouldn't have taken a course after graduation but now I'm afraid I won't remember all the important info. I would realy appreciate reccomendations and any details....

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There are some excellent review texts to purchase that will assist you in reviewing pertinent material for the boards as well as test you with exam-type questions. Although I took my boards several years ago, Lippincott had an in-depth NCLEX-RN review book that was very helpful to me. I took several weeks and just focused on reading each section and noting comments in the margins for questions or sections of material that was unclear to me. Then after I looked up the information that was unfamiliar, I would try my hand at the questions they offered. Since the texts have rationales for correct and incorrect answers (at least this one did!) it helped tremendously. Hope that this helped a little and I wish you nothing but the best! THINK POSITIVE!!!!


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contact the nursing program at your local college, there are several nclex review classes available for a small fee. i also agree with the above response the review books are a great help and since it has been awhile since you were in class the book would be a good refresher course for you.good luck to you.


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Kaplan is online. They might have a NCLEX question a day thing.

I know I got a neat daily newsletter from them a long time ago, and have actuslly been considering doing a topic a week or a question a day to refresh my base for clinical assessments and educations at work


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