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I recently took my boards and found out that I failed. I have really bad test anxiety and realized I took it at a bad time. I am going into this positive and calm next time and preparing myself in the meantime. The question I have is: Is there a disease where the patient is not allowed to have flowers brought into the room? If so, can anyone educate me on which disease that would be? Obviously there is one out there, but my school did not teach me on what it is. I have been searching all over the internet but cant find it.

I would really appreciate it for your help!

Thank you!


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Any patient with immunosuppression.

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thats right, nothing fresh for immunosuppressant pt e.g neutropenic or leukopenic fresh flower, fresh fresh fruit etc


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Regarding plants in the house, you want to assess where the family keeps the flowers (whether they're hanging or on the floor) because the children like to crawl into whatever they can (especially when they're young) and they come across problems with infection, aspiration, etc.

Regarding plants in the hospital setting (and this goes for uncooked vegetables and fresh fruit baskets), your priority will be to take it out of the room or tell the family to take it home with them, if the patient is immunocompromised i.e. HIV, low cell counts, etc. The plants, uncooked vegetables, and fresh fruits all harbor bacteria.

Hope this helps!!


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Wow, well thank you all for your help. This will make it a little bit more easier when I come accross something like that. It really does help!


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