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Does anyone know what question level is a teaching question on the NCLEX? Is is easy or hard??

I am just totally freaking out after taking the test yesterday. I can't sleep and I have to work a 12hour shift tonight....going to be rough. All I want to do is cry. I am trying to keep myself together for my kids and my husband. All he can say is I have confidence in you that you passed....I wish I did. My test cut off at around 120 questions and I don't have a clue as to how I did. I feel as if the whole thing is a blur and there were so many that I could narrow down to 2 answers but then I was so unsure and just tried to make an educated guess. I got a lot of priority, a few delegation, 1 med calc, and 4 or 5 select all that apply. It was definitely the hardest test that I have ever taken and if I have to take it again, I think I will absolutely have a stroke. Please pray for me...I should find out my results tomorrow. If I fail, I just don't know how I will tell all my family and friends.....This is killing me!!!

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