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So, I am very scared about this new grading system for the NCLEX. I graduate in december and am terrified of this exam!! I searched for practice and apps and all books to help me study! I found this seller on eBay. Figured I would oost if anyone needs more practice or review. I got a bunch of nclex stuff from this seller for super cheap! There's so much review and and so many practice questions, Im really happy i found this! Hopefully this helps someone else too! I've been working on my questions daily! ^_^ Still super scared, but a little excited after finding this stuff!!

I posted on another thread an active listing. I think this might be better in case someone sees it after the listing ends. :-/

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Did you also bid on the New Lace Front Wig Curl Heat Safe 1B Bob Short Rihanna Bey Hot Sexy NWT listed on there? LOL jk!

It looks like they only tightened the standards by a little bit. If you haven't already, see videos regarding the changes made to the NCLEX this year:

NCLEX-RN® Exam April 2013 Test Plan Changes explained by Kaplan Nursing - YouTubeNCLEX-RN® Exam April 2013 Passing Standard Changes explained by Kaplan Nursing - YouTube


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Haha, you know...I thought about it! Lol jk! Thanks for the link!! I feel a little better!


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Hi I wanted to ask you about keiser University do you feel they properly prepared you? How was their program? Any info is greatly appreciated.