NCLEX-PN today, got the good pop up!


I took my NCLEX-PN at 9:00am this morning. I was done around 11:00am and had 85 questions. I thought it was difficult and felt I guessed at a good bit of the questions. Around #30, I thought I was going to start crying because I felt they were all wrong. When I got to my car I immediately tried the PVT and it said I passed. What a relief! I seriously dont think I have had a good nights sleep for a week due to studying and preparing! I have already started on my RN core! Ready to finish that but dread having to sit for NCLEX-RN! Now on with the job search! Hopefully I can land my dream job!


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I, too, took my test today had it shut off at 85 and I panicked because this is the second time around for me. But as soon as I exited the building I loaded up the website and it said that my results were successfully delivered and after entering everything in I got the "This candidate already passed this exam" pop up!!!!! I almost fell down. Imagine, I was in the middle of Manhattan on the phone with my wife.. we are both screaming and crying. I must've looked like a nutcase! Hahaha...

I keep checking the NYS boards site for license verification but mine isn't there yet! I am SOOO glad this is over! Now I can retire my notes and books, the tons of strategy cds and example texts.... and can start getting my life back! This has been one long haul of a year I tell ya!

Congrats to you!