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Nclex-pn Test

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by mspriss154 mspriss154 (Member)

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Just so I know what I am in for, what kind of questions are asked on the NCLEX test? Can you give me some ex.? Thanks!


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gt4everpn is a BSN, RN and specializes in Licensed Practical Nurse.

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the imfamous select all that apply, i kept getting those, for ed drugs which i knew nothing bout. they may ask some rare diseases. know your rare diseases. priority quest. i took me test about 9 mo's ago, so i don't remember the questions, but they are tricky. i studied from lots of books for about 5 mo's and i still thought the questions were tricky. but don't let that scare you, just b/c something is hard, or tricky doesnt mean that there isn't a chance of passing, hect i passed with 85. if you can restate each ques in a simpler way that means you understand what they are asking and have good chance of passing. good luck!

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