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nclex pn 2015


NCLEX is in 4 days, throughout my whole study process I was confident and telling myself daily that I will pass! Now, the self doubt is kicking in & I just feel lost! Any last minute tips? Thanks! :)

You can do it !! I notice we both have been on here getting study tips along with reading the encouraging stories I'm definitely rooting for you!!. Mine is in 13 days :nailbiting:. We will pass the nclex beast ! Lol

Thank you!! Yes, it gives me encouragement reading stories! Thank you! Hoping you pass as well!

After I take the test I won't even get my results til like a month after it seems! Im from cali

Ughhhh yeah I totally understand I'm in Cali as well

Just give your best . I felt the same thing days before the exam. I wanted to reschedule a month before but my coworkers advised me to just take the test and do my best. They said, you will never feel ready.

That's what everyone keeps telling me ! Thanks for your input (:

How did you do by the way?

It was mostly SATAs and I just tried my best and tried to relax while I was taking the exam. It's been 2 weeks since I took the test. I am just waiting for the result thru mail. Unfortunately, here in California we have to wait 3 weeks or more to find out the result.