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NCLEX-PN new format

has anyone experienced the new format nclex-pn?

it has the questions that are multiple answers, fill-in the blanks, and "point and click" type questions?


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I took it 3 weeks ago and didn't get a single "new format" question. Thankfully! My classmate took the Nclex last week and she got only 1 new format question. Not much else I can say about them.

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At the most, I know of someone who received about 12 new-format questions. This person said they weren't all that bad. However, I truly don't want to deal with the new-format questions when I take NCLEX-PN next week. I simply want to walk into the test center confidently, remain focused while taking the test, and pass on my first attempt. Hopefully I won't receive the new format questions.

The best case scenario for me would occur if the test cut off somewhere between 85 and 130 questions. I tend to become distracted and bored at tests that are lengthier than 130 questions.

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