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Nclex pn need help

rose4 rose4 (New) New

Hi i just find this website and i love it let me tell you guys my story im so confused right now i took the nclex in 2011 and i fail but at the same time i was going to get maried after that try to study back but i couldnt cause got pregnant my baby came 3 months early she stay in the hospital for 1 year but now she still sick have a trach and vent also i hv another little on but i still dont want to give up on nursing feel lazy sometime to study please help any advice

I took my nclex on Monday before thanksgiving, just got a letter that I pass, I failed 2 before don't give up, just find a time to study, I took kaplan and study my ass off for two weeks and it work for me, I pass! You can do it just believe in ur self!

Thanks i really need to hear this

LuvCash RN, ASN

Has 1 years experience.

Figure out a balance, so you can make time to study. If nursing you want then nursing you will get with HARD work of course, you must put in the time. DON'T GIVE UP, do it for those babies, that alone should set the lazy feeling aside. I understand you have a lot on your plate, you either or you don't. You must push yourself and get back focus, you can do it. Come on rose4 let's get back to the books.

babyisa, BSN, RN

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Hello! I'm praying for you! Recently passed my NCLEX PN on my first try with 85 questions. You can do this, good luck!

Thanks for the support babyisa

Thanks luvcash