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Hi! Okay I already finished school last August of 2013. But I will take my nclex on May so i still have like three months to refresh up. The thing is i am so scared and feel like i forgot everything that i have learned. I feel like i do not know anything. I feel like i have advantage since i am only 18, my transmitters would help! Lol i dont know please let me know if you felt the same thing and share your nclex experience! Ive been reading a lot too. But i wanna pass it first take:

i am currently a live in cna so i have a lot of time to study and currently reside in california.

Please give me some tips! Mneumonics! Reviewers! And such

email me at maryhannahdeleon at y mail dot com!

thanks guys!


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I know this is kinda late but I just wanted to know how u did on the exam? And what r ur views of it?

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