nclex pn cutting off at 85 questions


If you're one of the people who took the nclex pn and it cut off at 85 questions, and you passed or failed, would you please tell me your story! I am so depressed right now to the fact that I can't sleep or eat. I have a job waiting on me as a LPN, and my boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident and will not be returning to work for a long time, and all my bills are falling on me right now. I studied for a solid month for this exam, but nothing I studied seemed to show up on boards. My test cut off at 85, but I feel like I did terrible. Is that a good number, or did I just totally screw it up? Confused and Depressed in NC.


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I just found out this morning that I passed and it shut off on me at 85. The wait is the worst part. I felt everything that you felt, like I had failed. Just keep the faith!


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I'm in the same boat as you! I took mine yesterday and it shut off at 85. I feel like I bombed it. I started sobbing in my car and got like three hours of sleep. I don't have a job and my husband is working a factory job that he is miserable in and keeps messing up his body more and more. I just want to be a nurse....NCLEX messes with you! I wish I could sue for emotional distress haha!

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