NCLEX PN & PVT (trick??)


Hey guys!!! I recently graduated from school (August 31 2016). Pinning was last Friday and yesterday I took state boards...WELLLLL....

To study I used ATI (of course), the Saunders Nclex, and the test taking strategies from ATI Live.

FIRST, test day & the night before, I did NOT study. Cramming crushes my thinking of my instructors at pinning told me I had it anyway (because your nursing instructors know EVERYTHING lol). So, I tried not to over do it...because after all (in my mind) how hard could it be if I scored 97% in my ATI predictor. I had said I wasn't going to over do it.

My school has had an 100% passing rate for the last 3-4 years. We have a motto One and Done ---meaning we take it once and we pass it. WELL...I took the test and got 107 questions...I completely FREAKED OUT(HOW DARE I BE THE ONE TO MESS UP THE AWESOME PASS RATE)...after all one of my classmates only had 87...and I later found out my classmate that went to test with me only had 85. 😔😒😑 I left the test feeling NUMB!

SECOND thing I did when I got home was got on here and searched 107 Nclex questions fail (lol why?). Of course a lot came up and I saw the PVT TRICK. HEY WHY NOT TRY IT? My classmate did it and she passed. My cousin did it...she passed. my friend did it...SHE Passed!!! So my dumb butt tried it (after I said I wouldn't) and guess what...NO GOOD POP UP. I was devastated. I called my husband and cried! But my heart just wouldn't let me believe in. My state (Alabama) doesn't do quick results however the board updates at 8...I can wait. A D*MN lie!!! Guys I didn't sleep I tried that damn trick on any empty card I could find and NO good pop up. I was up ALL night...literally (the bags under my eyes were screaming paper or plastic!). I forgot to mention I'd already told people I failed because the PVT trick said so...

Around 6 I got my oldest son ready for school and dropped him off came home and it was 745...I checked the update... AND I am officially an LPN! I passed! (ONE AND DONE!)

Do not give up! You know this stuff after all you finished school and made it through ATI tests and Med surg!

(I forgot to mention ---I did the trick wrong lol I never pressed submit😂😂😂. So it may work...)