NCLEX passed


Hi guys! Told myself I'd come back and post tips if I had passed. This site has been so incredible in helping me to organize myself and prepare for this mammoth of a test. I just can't thank people enough for taking the time to post their tips, so thought in return I'd quickly jot down what I did to see if it'd help anyone. This is my second time taking this exam and the first, I just KNEW I needed more time to prepare-but took it anyway bc I felt pressured. Anyway, second time around this is what I did.

-Many people have recommended LaCharity for Prioritization questions, yes! An amazing book. I completed almost this entire book the week of the exam.

-Many people also recommended Lippincott's Alternate Format book, yes! Most difficult for me is SATA-this helps a lot.

-I also did Kaplan, finished all the qbank- retook trainers 4,6,7...trainer 7 completed it week before my exam.

-Flashcards, flashcards, flashcards! Had about 5 different piles. One of medications that came up on qbanks (Kaplan). One on important info that wouldn't stick in my mind. One on suffixes and prefixes of medications (YES! do this. Much easier to understand and recall medications). One on rules or pneumonics for things. Like the electrolytes!! Look up SALT LOSS, FRIED, MURDER, CATS got NUMB.

-I also purchased the Lippincott NCLEX book, newest edition. GREAT book, completed some chapters..but two weeks before the exam I gave it up to focus on LaCharity, SATA and KAPLAN.

-Also purchased a KAPLAN book, newest edition 2015. For me, I just wasn't understanding the decision tree- this was very helpful with that. But, many questions were easier than they were harder.. so, didn't complete the book for that reason.

-Lastly, I purchased NCLEX Meds for Nurses--great for making flashcards and understanding the meds!! $10, i think? Was a great buy.

(I also noticed I purchased a lot of books this time around-I wasn't sure what to use for my 2nd attempt but I was just SO determined to pass. That's why I recommend just the first three things on the list & med book).

-I did do the recommended 100-150 questions a day. I'll admit I took a day off once a week, i didn't want to, but just happened (LIFE). I may have even overstudied? I went from 9am-1pm, then 6-10pm, daily if i could. I cut myself off from any media apps bc it was distracting me. I took notes on important things and tried my best to review them once a week.

Just learn to pace yourself, don't buy too many books as it will overwhelm to finish them. Kaplan and their online support was amazing-watching the question videos was more helpful to me than the watching the review videos.

Keep healthy, exercise even if it's for 30 mins a day or every other day. Eat well, get your rest. Make time for your loved ones/support system, it really does help get your mind out of the books for a second and makes you feel like you're not in seclusion.

One other thing, one of my biggest problems was taking too long answering questions. I got an app timer-amazing. I set it for 1.5 mins for each question (something like that)..and went it buzzed, I moved on. So if you're a slow test taker..try this. After 2 weeks I didn't need it anymore.

Lastly, keep positive, keep consistency, pray!!! Study hard, but take your breaks, too. YOU will get there!!!!

p.s In case anyone is wondering, my exam was this week. It took me almost 2 hours-cut me off at 75! I was prepared to sit there for 265-it was an incredible feeling to be cut off-but please don't focus on it shutting off. Focus on HOW you're answering questions-reflect on your thinking-just keep practicing and reviewing until your day!